Friday, October 23, 2009

Hotel Packages Are Back On!!

The Starr Pass, AZ hotel package will be back on Ebay on Sunday, 25 October:

ITEM 30: 3 Nights & 2 Rounds of Golf @ JW Marriott Starr Pass Ebay #: 110449076083

You can find out more either by looking at the Item number listed on this blog, or go to the item on Ebay using the Ebay listing numbers.

I am waiting on varification to sell the other two hotel packages (Item 44: Florida and Item 45: Georgia).

These hotels were taken down by Ebay as I was not a verified travel seller. I varified for a limited time to sell the above hotel only. Sorry to anyone who bid on these hotels in the first place. Please bid again.

So far, the auction has raised over US$9,000.00 for the Blazeman Foundation for ALS. It has been very rewarding for myself and my charity and a big THANK YOU to all the people, athletes and companies who were so kind to donate. And another big THANK YOU to all those who supported the auction and bid to win some fantastic prizes.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Last day to bid!!

All the items in The Great Athlete Auction will be sold tomorrow on Ebay. That is except a few of the hotel packages, which were taken down by Ebay. I am going to put them back up as soon as I get varified to sell them. In the meantime, thank you to everyone for bidding and thank you.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Item 40 was won with a winning bid of $153.50. Thank you bidder!! Thats the good news. Bad news is that Ebay took down 2 of the donated hotel items as I am not a "Varified" Ebay Travel Seller. So I am working on getting this varification and then I will put these items back on Ebay at a later date. The items taken off are as follows:

Ebay listing #110440759999 - ITEM 44: A Two Night Stay at the Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk, Florida.
Ebay listing#110440761236 - ITEM 45: A Two Night Stay at the Georgian Terrace Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Today's Donations: Items 52 & 53

ITEM 52: K-Swiss Shoe & Clothing Package. Thank you K-Swiss for you donation.
What would be a triathlon auction without the inclusion of K-Swiss. K-Swiss is the shoe of choice by many professional triathletes including Terenzo Bozzone, Belinda Granger, Luke McKenzie, Gina Ferguson and myself. I love these shoes for racing and training. K-Swiss also has great athletic apparel that I find not only comfortable, but very fashionable. K-Swiss is donating a selection of shoes/product (1 pair of shoes, 1 top & shorts & 1 warm up jacket/pants) in the size and style of your choice (subject to availability) up to the value of US$700.00. "I personally endorse these products and would recommend." Ebay listing #110441833548.

ITEM 53: Leanda Cave Product Package. Thats me!!
I cant do a charity auction without including something from myself. So here is a bunch of items I put together: 2 signed race suits (I won Escape from Alcatraz 2008 in the blue one and came 2nd in 2008 Wildflower in the red); a signed Winners plaque from Ironman 70.3 Florida which I won in 2008 & 2009 (where I broke the course record); a pair of new OakleyBelong fashion sunglasses; a K-Swiss running hat; 2 pairs of BlueseventyVision goggles; a Blueseventy Headsweats visor; a Blueseventy "The Water is Open" running shirt (XS); and a Blueseventy neoprene Skull Cap (S). Value of this donation is in excess of US$300.00. Ebay listing #110441834331.

One day unill the bidding begins!!

Today will be the last day I receive and post donations. Once again, the items do not go up on Ebay until SUNDAY, OCT 4, with the exception of #40 which I put on early by mistake. I have added the Ebay listing numbers to all the end of each donations description currently on this blog.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Today's Donations: Items 50 & 51

ITEM 50: CAMELBAK ZIOD. Thank you CamelBak for your donation.
For those seeking additional hydration capacity for extended outings in a minimalist, low-profile design. Great for enthusiasts and entry-level riders and skiers alike. Offers just over 2L of hydration and minimal storage. Fits over or under an outer layer. Suitable for all outdoor activities, including running and biking. This is one of Camelbak's latest hydration systems, and has just been make available. Value of this donation is US$59.00. Ebay listing #110441077431.

ITEM 51: CAMELBAK ROUGE & PODIUM 21oz BOTTLE. Thank you CamelBak for your donation.
Road cyclists and mountain bikers looking for stability and a streamlined design reach for CamelBak’s Rogue™. Its sleek shape does not interfere with helmets and has a fast look. With external access to a 70 oz OMEGA™ HydroTanium™ Reservoir, a streamlined design, and 130 cubic inches of cargo, the Rogue™ is an ideal pack for 2+ hours on the road or the trail. The New CamelBak® Podium® Bottle incorporates Jet Valve™, a revolutionary self-sealing valve into a taste-free bottle with a high flow rate. Value of donation is US$45.00. Ebay listing #110441108242.

ITEM 40 already on Ebay

Oops!! Over the past week or so, I have been scheduling the donated items on Ebay so they all go up on 4 October. However, I accidentally put the wrong date down on ITEM 40, the Michael Lovato Product Package. FIY this item is currently on Ebay and if you want to win this item, start bidding! The end date of this item will also be earlier than the other items on 7 October. The Ebay listing number of this item is: 110440705608